Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Heaven… But Never Dreamed Of Asking! was a challenging read (for me) but well worth the effort. It consisted of lots of fascinating questions and answers for believers and non-believers. “The dilemma, then, is this: If God cannot suffer, how can He really love us? But if He can suffer, how is He God?
Present Condition:

“First, body is form. Even now what makes our bodies our bodies is not atoms but structure. The atoms change every seven years; yet it is the same body because of its continuity of form. (“Continuity” does not mean “unchangingness”, of course.) It is like a river. A river is not its water, which is always moving on, but its riverbed, which forms the formless water into this river.”

Post Modernism:

“Religion claims to deal with things as they really are, to tell us what is true, not just comforting. So when different religions tell us contradictory things, both simply cannot be true. No one believes in the equality of all scientific theories or historical accounts or common sense hunches or newspaper stories. We test them to find out which are false and which are true, and no one thinks this is narrow-mined, bigoted, or illiberal. Why do we think differently about religion?”