Not afraid of the cold

Yesterday, November 7th, we removed the waterski course. It was windy and we enjoyed small white caps as we toiled on the ski course. The water temperature was in the low 50s. Of course, we couldn’t go out with a boat and not ski. Jason, Kate, and I had a blast skiing down by turkey foot where the Maumee was glass smooth. Note to self, when skiing on cold water my ski feels faster and more responsive. A special thanks goes out to Terry who loaned me his long wetsuit and also helped out with the ski course removal.


After skiing badly on Friday behind the x7, I redeemed myself behind the Toyota Epic today. I completed the ski course several times at 30MPH @15′ off and once at 32MPH @ 15′ off which was a hard fought improvement and new personal best. I even tried a run at 34MPH @ 15′ which is flying.


I got the ski course 15′ off @ 30MPH behind my ’73 Ski Nautique this past Sunday. The wake isn’t bad with two people in the boat. I can see myself completing the ski course with more speed and shorter line lengths despite the larger wake.

Unfortunately, the river was up and flowing quickly last night with lots of debris. It appears to have crested early this morning and hopefully will be better for skiing tonight.

Personal Best

Last night, Jason and I tore the ski course up! I had four clean passes with the rope length at 15′ off travelling 30 MPH behind the x7. Then, I started working on 15′ off at 32 MPH. My personal best was 4 balls at 32MPH (with rope length 15′ off). Jason completed the ski course at 32MPH and 34MPH at 15′ off no problem. Then he started working on 36MPH and achieved a personal best of 3 balls at 36MPH (with rope length 15′ off).
Ski you later!

Ski Course

I went out skiing this morning with Jason. I completed the course 3 times today at 15′ off at 30.4MPH (behind the x7). Once again, every run I completed was headed upstream. I need to figure out how to do it going downstream. ;-)

Later in the day, I tried out Rob’s new wakeboard which is an O’Brien Science. I was very impressed with it and was able to easily switch edges on the surface.

Ski Course

Last night I started off skiing well, but was not connecting the buoys in the ski course. I concentrated on doing one handed turns and bringing the other hand into my side. My final run of the evening I completed the ski course twice (both times heading upstream) @15′ off at 30.4MPH behind Jason’s X7. It had been a few times out since I completed the ski course and it felt really good! :-)

Ski Course

Tuesday, I got the ski course at 15′ off at 30MPH behind Terry’s Toyota. It was sloppy, but I completed it. I was getting a little rope slack, which is easily remedied by making a quicker pre-turn. The science behind this is by shortening the time I have a velocity vector directed at the boat the less likelihood I have of creating rope slack.

Tonight, when I ski I need to concentrate at not skiing to the next buoy but rather towards the opposite shoreline and I will be early into the pre-turn around the next buoy.

Ski Course

I completed the waterski course for the first time this year last night. Woo hoo! ;-)

Statistics (so I can keep track of progress)
1) 3 straight perfect passes at 15′ off (30MPH)
2) 1 perfect pass at 15′ off (32MPH)
3) 0 perfect passes at 15′ off (34MPH)
I did this behind Mike and Patty’s Malibu Skier. My goal is to complete the course at 32MPH and 34MPH at 15′ off. Only then will I shorten the rope length to 22′ off and try 30MPH.