I just purchased my first Apple product, an iPod. I purchased the 2002, 10Gb (dock less) model since I am cheap. I am very impressed with its compact engineering and sleekness. It was bundled with Music Match which contained a plug-in for mp3 synchronization between windows PC and iPod. Music Match is a bloated behemoth with a clumsy UI. Jacob Nielson could spend the next decade working out the UI issues. The only thing I learned installing Music Match was the limits of my patience and I couldn’t get it to download mp3s to my iPod. I remembered that Bryce told me iTunes was ported and released for the windows platform. I uninstalled Music Match, downloaded iTunes, and installed it. iTunes is a breeze to use and I am currently synchronizing my mp3s. I can’t wait for the transfer to complete and it won’t be long since I am utilizing one of the fire wire ports I recently installed.

Is it possible to make the iPod appear as a removable drive in the windows file explorer? Then, I could just drag and drop files. It would be similar to my digital camera which doesn’t require any drivers, just plug it in and the drive is automatically mapped. This is true plug-and-play functionality in my book: simply, it just works!