Yesterday, Doug and I went down to Mad River Mtn. near Bellefontaine Ohio. Mad River Mtn. had a solid base (46″-52″) of snow from the recent winter storm and some help from nightly snow making. I was excited to use the set of skis I received for Christmas. Doug and I found the slopes very easy. Doug went to Lake Placid (where the Olympic team practices) last week. He noted that the green hills (i.e. the easiest) at Lake Placid were more difficult than the double black (i.e. most difficult) at Mad River Mtn. Mad River Mtn is a good place to learn to ski but its downhill challenges are easily overcome. None-the-less we had a good time. We even ventured over to the fun park which included ski jumps, grinds, and obstacles. Doug and I tried out the ski jumps. He did pretty good and I took a solid crash.