You’re Fifty-Now What?

I finished reading You’re Fifty-Now What? Investing For The Second Half Of Your Life on the flight back from New Orleans. When I checked it out at the library, the check-out lady made a joke of why a young man like me would be reading a book such as this. She thought I was picking it up for my father.

I found the book useful for figuring out how to reach the point of having a retirement that meets my expectations and empowers me to do what I desire. With proper planning, the golden years can be very enjoyable. Once retired this book covers how to figure out what you can safely spend in retirement without depleting your resources while still enjoying the long active lives modern medicine has rewarded us with. I think the title is misleading and both young and old will benefit from reading this book by Charles R. Schwab (founder of Charles Schwab).

Unfortunately, the library check-out lady represented our American culture all too well. We are too often spenders rather than savers (the average savings rate has fallen to below 2% per year). We seldom plan for tomorrow and drive with the pedal down today. I challenge you to not follow the herd mentality and realize you need to plan and set aside for retirement while you are still young.