Fleetwood Mac Still Has It!

Fleetwood Mac Still Has It!

Fr. Chris and I had the pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac last night (at the Nationwide Arena). We enjoyed their impressive 2013 show that ended their 3 year performance hiatus. They rocked it again this year and with the return of Christine McVie were even better. It is hard to believe that Stevie Nicks is 66, her voice is still awesome. Lindsey (age 65) and Mick (age 67) displayed serious skills and no atrophy due to age. They are definitely a must see band!

Fleetwood Mac Nationwide 2014
Fleetwood Mac Nationwide 2014
Life Comes Full Circle

Life Comes Full Circle

I skied a fun waterski tournament today at Barking Shores Ski Club in Haskins Ohio. My mind raced given that this was the first tournament I skied this year. I upped my tournament personal best to 2 @ 32′ off 34 MPH (and skied this score all three rounds). I really appreciated my parents and Brent coming out to support me.

Waterskiers are a great tribe. We wander the world looking for places to ski and strangers roll out the red carpet. I have skied at multiple private waterski lakes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana by reaching out to fellow skiers for a pull. The community is tight and fun loving always ready to share their sport with friends and strangers. I met a neighbor of Barking Shores Ski Club, Chuck Dunn after the tournament. He was one of the three founding members of the FNS (pronounced Fins) Navy Waterski Club on the Ottawa River in the late 1970’s. That club was later moved to the Maumee River and was renamed the Glass City Waterski Club. That was the club that gave me the opportunity and inspiration to try to ski the waterski course for the first time in the early 2000’s. My great friends at the Glass City Waterski Club taught me how to wakeboard, wakeskate, air chair, build a pyramid and trick ski.

Dave Hill was one of the few FNS Navy Waterski Club members that made the transition from the Ottawa River to the Maumee River. When Jason and I were frustrated with skiing the waterski course on the Maumee, Dave Hill gave Jason and I a heads up about a private lake that was rented in the past. With that tip, we found the owner, rented the lake and named it Lake Swerve. The waterski anchors were already in the lake just waiting for skiers to return hook up some buoys and turn them. Fast forward four years, I was skiing at Lago Santa Fe in Texas and I met one of the original skiers at Lake Swerve.

I skied with Dave Grude for the first time this year. He told me about when he contacted the owners about renting the lake (we now call Lake Swerve). The owner’s son, Dave prayed the night before that he would have the opportunity to learn how to waterski during his prayers before bed. Dave Grude showed up the next day to rent the lake for waterskiing. He skied many years on that lake before building his own private lake.

Waterskiing is a great sport, but the people and community are awesome too! Booyah!

Fleetwood Mac Rocks!

Fleetwood Mac Rocks!

Fr. Chris and I went to see Fleetwood Mac last night at Nationwide Arena. It was their 1st show in 3 years and opened their tour. Their performance rocked with intensity and emotion exceeding my expectations. Lindsey Buckingham is an amazing guitarist. Stevie Nicks had her signature sexy voice. Mike Fleetwood brought great drumming chops. They still have it despite being in their 60’s.

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac

Exciting Discovery

Lets rewind a second and reminisce how I acquired schemer.com. My friend, Josh Woodward recommended that I use schemer.com for my personal website. He thought it was perfect as I am always scheming. I liked the name and purchased it. I used it as my personal website for several years.

I had several parties that contacted me with offers to purchase schemer.com over the last few years. I didn’t seriously consider selling the domain name at first but eventually I received offers that were large enough for me to think about it. I was not trying to sell schemer.com but at the same time I knew I wasn’t using it to its full potential. I never really branded my website as schemer and I didn’t even rank in Google for the word schemer.

I negotiated with Jonathan Nelson (co-founder of Meevine) but we weren’t able to come to a price point that his start-up could afford and I would be happy with. He had a good idea for the domain but I wasn’t looking for a tidy sum of cash plus potential value via equity in his company. He wasn’t interested in renting the domain name from me. I wanted enough to walk away or a nice steady stream of income over time. Another serious suitor came along. I had no idea who the company was but their offer revealed they had much deeper pockets. We haggled for a few weeks and reached an agreement. The deal was handled seamlessly via an escrow service. When the money appeared in my bank account it all felt unbelievable.

It has been a few months since the sale and it wasn’t until today that I learned the identify of who bought schemer.com. Drum roll please!!!   It was… Google, which was the last company that I would have expected.  I guess I should have also negotiated for a 100 shares of Google stock.  ;-)


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Good Bye

Steve and Nicole Gille have been great friends and I wish them many blessings on their relocation to Alaska. Halloween won’t be the same without their annual great pumpkin carving party. Hopefully Mandy and I can keep the tradition alive (once we get a little bigger house)! We’ll even make sure to have the giant cookie.

Steve and I never completed our 8-ball pool challenge to see who would be the first to win 100 games and consequently was the superior pool player. According to my journal we began this challenge on 11/18/2002 and I was up 1-0. Steve and I played over 100 games at Miss Cues in Findlay before it was downsized. We enjoyed men’s night with the discounted pool and beer when you wore your Miss Cue t-shirt. I should note that Steve now has a sizeable lead.

When I purchased my Nautique (ski boat) Doug and I needed an observer. I talked Nicole into going on the maiden voyage on 07/10/2002 (on the Maumee River). One other great memory of Nicole was her attacking me with her foot after I gave her a solid poke. Taylor captured it on video and it is hilarious.

The Gille bar and all their accumulated bottles of liquor (which they couldn’t ship to Alaska) were setup for the good bye party. I finished the Vanilla Schnapps, which was very smooth on ice. I did my part and the other 23 bottles were someone else’s responsibility. It was a bittersweet party and I still can’t believe they are in Alaska.

The day after the good bye party I was driving to Lake Swerve. I was talking on my cell phone and I noticed people behind me frantically waving. I wasn’t sure who they were and thought that I must have agitated a couple of people from Utah. The waving continued for quite awhile and I eventually realized it was Steve, Nicole and Gretchen going to the airport in their rental car with Utah plates. God Bless!

Tom & Jullian’s Wedding

Photos I took from Tom & Jullian’s Wedding are now available. Mandy and I had a great time at the wedding reception and adopted a beautiful red beta (that was used in the vases as a decoration). I named the beta Brutus since he is red and appears to be an OSU fan. He is getting along well with our three other fish and is quite energetic. I will add a photo of him to the photo set when I get a chance.

Cheesy Foo

There is a nice article entitled “Download this music … please!” in the Findlay Courier today about my friend Josh’s approach to the music business. Frankly, I wish more people would subscribe to his music business model and put the evil Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) out of business. As more artists adopt this type of model the RIAA will become less and less relevant.
Josh releases his next CD at Coffee Amici (328 South Main, Findlay, OH) this coming Saturday (5/6/6) at 8:00pm via a live performance. I am sure that he will rock the house!
[Updated entry per comment on how to link long term article in Findlay Courier.]


I had an enjoyable night on the river tonight, even though the evenings are much cooler. I completed the course at 30MPH and 32 MPH at 15′ off and tied my personal best of 4 @ 34MPH (behind Terry’s Toyota Epic). I worked on swinging wide of the buoys and closing the turn as close as possible to the back side of the buoys. This helps me avoid completing my turns late and yields a better angle of attack, ahead of the next buoy.

Doug slightly missed the entrance gates but completed the course earlier this week behind my Ski Nautique (at 15′ off traveling 26MPH). BTW, this is Doug’s current personal best. I think the siren of the ski course has Doug addicted.

One of my close friends from college was on Elimidate this past week. He was eliminated first round in a complete blow-out. It was amusing to watch to say the least.


Mandy and I went to see my friend, Chris Bazar, ordained to the priesthood this past Saturday. The ordination was celebrated at Rosary Cathedral in downtown Toledo by Bishop Blair. It was an inspirational ceremony, rich in heritage and tradition. We are all proud of Father Chris and know he will make a great priest! Chris has a servant heart and is a blessing to the Catholic Church. His first assignment in the Toledo diocese will be at Christ the King parish (in Sylvania Ohio).