Excellent Customer Service

We live in an age where customer service of any kind is almost non-existent. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Eastpakā€™s customer service. I purchased an Eastpak backpack during my days at Miami University. Since then I have used it as my carry on bag for numerous business trips. The main zipper failed since I greatly overloaded it on many of those business trips while avoiding the need to check any luggage. I recalled that my back pack had a lifetime warranty. I contacted Eastpak and they sent me a handy pre-addressed plastic envelope to send it in for repair. I received a postcard shortly thereafter noting that they received my back pack. A week later I received my back pack with an even stronger looking zipper. Woo hoo! Great service and a great product made in America.

Week in Review

My MIOBL (Marathon Intra-Office Basketball League) team lost badly to Dishong’s team, which scored 102 points with 17 minute running halves. I wasn’t sure whether basketball halfs or halves was correct, so I consulted Google Fight and let the two options battle it out.

Thursday night my Dad and I usually trap. Last week, my dad shoot the lights out with a 23 out of 25 score. His almost perfect score came after trying a different brand of ammunition for the first time. Unfortunately, we were rained out last night and didn’t get to see if he could repeat his score with that ammunition. I played poker last night with Gille’s group and had a great time. The operation wasn’t cash positive but still a very enjoyable time.

Captain Destruction

No sooner than we start to put in the slalom course and Captain Destruction shows up to do harm to all the hard work of everybody else. Captain Destruction stopped by Terry’s house on Friday and proceeds to break the garage door. Then on Sunday Captain Destruction raises his head again and can not find a drain plug for the row boat. Then Captain Destruction tries to tear up the new slalom course by wrapping the steel main line around the propeller of the install boat. Everybody keep you eyes open for Captain Destruction. He is looking to reek more havoc! on others.

Any guess, as to who Captain Destruction is? Well, it can’t be Doug since he has left his membership to the ski club expire. It can’t be Terry, since he was too busy to help with the ski course and was off enjoying Wicked. Captain Destruction isn’t afraid of turtles, so Jason is definitely out. A picture of a scared little girl screaming in a high pitched voice and jumping around comes to mind when thinking about the turtle incident.

Exotic Fruit

Mandy and I travelled to Seattle last year for my cousin’s wedding. We made a side excursion to Victoria island (British Columbia) which was great! They were celebrating Canada Day with an international celebration which included sampling food from all over the world. Yummy! Of course, Mandy and I did our share of tasting.

I noticed some people eating a strange food that had a fierce protective shell. I thought that if a food needed that kind of shell it must be good. I watched them from a distance and Mandy encouraged me to go talk to them. I asked them what it was and they told me that they were eating lychees. They were nice enough to give Mandy and I a couple to try and informed us we could buy them close to Fan Tan Alley in the Chinese market.

We ventured over there and purchased a bag. I enjoyed them immensely. They tasted like grapes on steroids. Anyways, before we took the ferry back to the U.S. I decided to pick up another bag. Unfortunately, the Chinese food store was sold out of lychees due to the large crowd present for Canada Day. I was very disappointed. Feeling lucky, I purchased a Star Fruit but it didn’t fit my palate.

Upon returning home, I looked and looked for lychees, but have concluded that they aren’t available in this area. However, I did find a website devoted to lychees. Unfortunately, their fruit farm was hit pretty hard by hurricanes last year, so their lychee crop is small and expensive. But they still will have lychees for sale in early June. Since, I wanted to support them and my lychee obsession, I just pre-ordered 10 pounds of Mauritius Lychees. I ordered them with quick shipping turn around time insuring a fresh shipment. Woo hoo! I will even have a few to share with local folks.

Holiday Valley

I went snow skiing (this past weekend) at Holiday Valley with the Glass City Waterski Club. This was my first trip to Holiday Valley and I was impressed with the selection of runs available. I skied every hill except “The Wall” which was very steep, covered with large moguls and had lots of icy patches between them. Holiday Valley’s terrain offered enticing challenges and the weekend was much enjoyed.

We stayed in three separate condos at the bottom of “The Wall”. The condos were small compared to Crystal Mountain’s lavish three story super condos with gaming tables and big screen TVs. However, we went for the skiing and not for the lavish accommodations. We could easily ski into the condo without pushing fate on “The Wall”. The convenience of this cannot be under-estimated. The only wish I had was for a hot tub after a long day of skiing.

This will be solved next year, when we book the larger condos that include a hot tub and are more centrally located. I can’t wait! Plans are also in the works for a 2007 ski trip to Killington (in Vermont) which has a 3050′ vertical drop opposed to Holiday Valley’s 750′ vertical drop. Hopefully John Kelly can join us! All my friends are welcome on either trip. Let me know if you are interested. Be prepared to go big!

Funny stuff:
Bryce joined us for his annual ski trip. He skied well, but Chrissy showed him who was boss when it came to racing down the hill beating him easily.

Brian couldn’t get the sink faucet to work and assumed that there was some sort of plumbing issue. Brian started investigated the pipes under the sink and Doug came over and showed Brian how to operate the sink faucet. Needless to say, Doug attributed this lack of knowledge to his Miami education.

Doug skied like a mad man down Falcon through moguls and over two ski jumps. Hill 2, Doug 0. Doug was out of his Falcon mind. Typical BGSU graduate in full form.

Photos coming soon.

Happy New Year!

Mandy and I attended Rusty and Elizabeth’s wedding on New Years Eve in Columbus. We celebrated our third anniversary on New Years Eve and at first I thought that Rusty copied my idea of having an easy to remember anniversary. Rusty works for the IRS. He calculated his taxes and since there was a tax advantage to be married in 2005 they tied the knot on New Years Eve. Otherwise, it would have been New Year’s Day.

Rusty is a huge OSU fan and of course we attended an OSU event on his wedding day. We saw OSU play LSU in basketball. OSU was sloppy and LSU lead most of the game. At the very end OSU nailed a few three pointers and was in the game. OSU won by two in dramatic fashion. Rusty interpreted that this foreshadowed a tough marriage that came down to the wire but in the end was successful. Yikes! Thankfully OSU won and remained undefeated.

Aside: I was introduced to Effen (pronounced ‘f’ ing) vodka and I like it better than Vox. Both vodkas are from the Netherlands and are very refined leading to a smooth taste. I really enjoy drinking an ‘f’ ing drink.