Knowledge & Investing Disconnect

I have had my iPod for awhile and love it. It was the first Apple product I had ever purchased. My tech savvy friends (Bryce and John) were the culprits since they showed me how well their iPods worked and I had to purchase one. Now my less geeky friends are all buying iPods and are equally impressed with them.

Today, Apple came out with earnings (that easily beat expectations) with a significant portion of them due to solid sales of the iPod. Right now the stock is up 9.65% to $71.78. I keep asking myself why I didn’t invest in Apple back when I purchased my iPod in December of 2003. Back then, Apple was trading at ~$20 and I realized that the iPod was a stellar product. If I had invested in Apple I would be sitting on a 358.9% capital gain.

Next time, when all my geeky friends start buying a killer application or item, I am going to buy stock in the company behind it. Hmm, I wonder what Jeremy Z. has purchased lately?