Good Bye

Steve and Nicole Gille have been great friends and I wish them many blessings on their relocation to Alaska. Halloween won’t be the same without their annual great pumpkin carving party. Hopefully Mandy and I can keep the tradition alive (once we get a little bigger house)! We’ll even make sure to have the giant cookie.

Steve and I never completed our 8-ball pool challenge to see who would be the first to win 100 games and consequently was the superior pool player. According to my journal we began this challenge on 11/18/2002 and I was up 1-0. Steve and I played over 100 games at Miss Cues in Findlay before it was downsized. We enjoyed men’s night with the discounted pool and beer when you wore your Miss Cue t-shirt. I should note that Steve now has a sizeable lead.

When I purchased my Nautique (ski boat) Doug and I needed an observer. I talked Nicole into going on the maiden voyage on 07/10/2002 (on the Maumee River). One other great memory of Nicole was her attacking me with her foot after I gave her a solid poke. Taylor captured it on video and it is hilarious.

The Gille bar and all their accumulated bottles of liquor (which they couldn’t ship to Alaska) were setup for the good bye party. I finished the Vanilla Schnapps, which was very smooth on ice. I did my part and the other 23 bottles were someone else’s responsibility. It was a bittersweet party and I still can’t believe they are in Alaska.

The day after the good bye party I was driving to Lake Swerve. I was talking on my cell phone and I noticed people behind me frantically waving. I wasn’t sure who they were and thought that I must have agitated a couple of people from Utah. The waving continued for quite awhile and I eventually realized it was Steve, Nicole and Gretchen going to the airport in their rental car with Utah plates. God Bless!