I had an enjoyable night on the river tonight, even though the evenings are much cooler. I completed the course at 30MPH and 32 MPH at 15′ off and tied my personal best of 4 @ 34MPH (behind Terry’s Toyota Epic). I worked on swinging wide of the buoys and closing the turn as close as possible to the back side of the buoys. This helps me avoid completing my turns late and yields a better angle of attack, ahead of the next buoy.

Doug slightly missed the entrance gates but completed the course earlier this week behind my Ski Nautique (at 15′ off traveling 26MPH). BTW, this is Doug’s current personal best. I think the siren of the ski course has Doug addicted.

One of my close friends from college was on Elimidate this past week. He was eliminated first round in a complete blow-out. It was amusing to watch to say the least.