Captain Destruction

No sooner than we start to put in the slalom course and Captain Destruction shows up to do harm to all the hard work of everybody else. Captain Destruction stopped by Terry’s house on Friday and proceeds to break the garage door. Then on Sunday Captain Destruction raises his head again and can not find a drain plug for the row boat. Then Captain Destruction tries to tear up the new slalom course by wrapping the steel main line around the propeller of the install boat. Everybody keep you eyes open for Captain Destruction. He is looking to reek more havoc! on others.

Any guess, as to who Captain Destruction is? Well, it can’t be Doug since he has left his membership to the ski club expire. It can’t be Terry, since he was too busy to help with the ski course and was off enjoying Wicked. Captain Destruction isn’t afraid of turtles, so Jason is definitely out. A picture of a scared little girl screaming in a high pitched voice and jumping around comes to mind when thinking about the turtle incident.