Exotic Fruit

Mandy and I travelled to Seattle last year for my cousin’s wedding. We made a side excursion to Victoria island (British Columbia) which was great! They were celebrating Canada Day with an international celebration which included sampling food from all over the world. Yummy! Of course, Mandy and I did our share of tasting.

I noticed some people eating a strange food that had a fierce protective shell. I thought that if a food needed that kind of shell it must be good. I watched them from a distance and Mandy encouraged me to go talk to them. I asked them what it was and they told me that they were eating lychees. They were nice enough to give Mandy and I a couple to try and informed us we could buy them close to Fan Tan Alley in the Chinese market.

We ventured over there and purchased a bag. I enjoyed them immensely. They tasted like grapes on steroids. Anyways, before we took the ferry back to the U.S. I decided to pick up another bag. Unfortunately, the Chinese food store was sold out of lychees due to the large crowd present for Canada Day. I was very disappointed. Feeling lucky, I purchased a Star Fruit but it didn’t fit my palate.

Upon returning home, I looked and looked for lychees, but have concluded that they aren’t available in this area. However, I did find a website devoted to lychees. Unfortunately, their fruit farm was hit pretty hard by hurricanes last year, so their lychee crop is small and expensive. But they still will have lychees for sale in early June. Since, I wanted to support them and my lychee obsession, I just pre-ordered 10 pounds of Mauritius Lychees. I ordered them with quick shipping turn around time insuring a fresh shipment. Woo hoo! I will even have a few to share with local folks.