Happy New Year!

Mandy and I attended Rusty and Elizabeth’s wedding on New Years Eve in Columbus. We celebrated our third anniversary on New Years Eve and at first I thought that Rusty copied my idea of having an easy to remember anniversary. Rusty works for the IRS. He calculated his taxes and since there was a tax advantage to be married in 2005 they tied the knot on New Years Eve. Otherwise, it would have been New Year’s Day.

Rusty is a huge OSU fan and of course we attended an OSU event on his wedding day. We saw OSU play LSU in basketball. OSU was sloppy and LSU lead most of the game. At the very end OSU nailed a few three pointers and was in the game. OSU won by two in dramatic fashion. Rusty interpreted that this foreshadowed a tough marriage that came down to the wire but in the end was successful. Yikes! Thankfully OSU won and remained undefeated.

Aside: I was introduced to Effen (pronounced ‘f’ ing) vodka and I like it better than Vox. Both vodkas are from the Netherlands and are very refined leading to a smooth taste. I really enjoy drinking an ‘f’ ing drink.