Holiday Valley

I went snow skiing (this past weekend) at Holiday Valley with the Glass City Waterski Club. This was my first trip to Holiday Valley and I was impressed with the selection of runs available. I skied every hill except “The Wall” which was very steep, covered with large moguls and had lots of icy patches between them. Holiday Valley’s terrain offered enticing challenges and the weekend was much enjoyed.

We stayed in three separate condos at the bottom of “The Wall”. The condos were small compared to Crystal Mountain’s lavish three story super condos with gaming tables and big screen TVs. However, we went for the skiing and not for the lavish accommodations. We could easily ski into the condo without pushing fate on “The Wall”. The convenience of this cannot be under-estimated. The only wish I had was for a hot tub after a long day of skiing.

This will be solved next year, when we book the larger condos that include a hot tub and are more centrally located. I can’t wait! Plans are also in the works for a 2007 ski trip to Killington (in Vermont) which has a 3050′ vertical drop opposed to Holiday Valley’s 750′ vertical drop. Hopefully John Kelly can join us! All my friends are welcome on either trip. Let me know if you are interested. Be prepared to go big!

Funny stuff:
Bryce joined us for his annual ski trip. He skied well, but Chrissy showed him who was boss when it came to racing down the hill beating him easily.

Brian couldn’t get the sink faucet to work and assumed that there was some sort of plumbing issue. Brian started investigated the pipes under the sink and Doug came over and showed Brian how to operate the sink faucet. Needless to say, Doug attributed this lack of knowledge to his Miami education.

Doug skied like a mad man down Falcon through moguls and over two ski jumps. Hill 2, Doug 0. Doug was out of his Falcon mind. Typical BGSU graduate in full form.

Photos coming soon.