Science Fair

I went skiing in Colorado with friends back in January. On Saturday I went to confession before attending mass in Breckenridge. Fr. Marty threw me a curve ball penance to volunteer my time. I am more accustomed to a prayer penance to begin to repair my relationship with God after my confession. Well, I returned to Colorado on another ski tip in February with Doug and Fr. Marty had our mass. I remembered that I still needed to perform my volunteer penance. I saw science fair judges were needed in the church bulletin back home at St. Mike’s and I volunteered.

I reflected on my past junior high science projects and taking them on to compete at Heidelberg College. It was fun to be on the other side of the equation. It was a great experience and I was impressed with all the 7th grade science projects and the solid understanding of the scientific method. I am definitely going to volunteer again next year! I even got to pet a large rabbit at the fair. Perhaps, that is why Barkley carefully sniffed me when I came home.