The right to vote or the right to privacy

I just read a scary article pertaining to the collection, aggregation and marketing of voter registration data over at Wired. For more information on voter registration data read this article too.

“Aristotle International used a website to sell the lists, which contain details about registered voters from nearly every state. The data includes birth dates, home addresses, phone numbers, race, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and, in some cases, religious affiliations… Aristotle boasts more than 157 million voter records and sells them online for $25 per 1,000 names, or $80 per 1,000 names for highly prized New Hampshire voters.”

You have the choice to become a registered voter or the right to privacy. This probably isn’t a big deal since most people have savings cards for their favorite local supermarket. Behind the scenes, an IT system is analyzing every purchase you make. However, the savings out weigh most shoppers privacy concerns. It gets more and more scary as we continue our steps in this direction.

Note to self, always fill out online and paper forms with dummy information. The one exception being tax returns and we can only hope that the IRS improves the security of our tax information. Otherwise, I might be writing in a few years that you can buy tax returns for $25 per 1,000 names.