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I am trying to auto-magically rotate pictures for my photo galleries. I elected to use the exif ‘orientation’ field. However, it seems my camera doesn’t populate this value. Googling, I found a Pentax 330 that does populate this. It has the same firmware (v1.10) as my camera. However, a couple exif fields differ:

Make: Asahi Optical Co.,Ltd
Model: PENTAX Optio 330
vs mine:
Make: PENTAX Corporation
Model: PENTAX Optio 330GS

Grrr, this exif difference appears to be one of the few differences between these two very similar Pentax models. The Pentax 330 uses exif version 0210 where as my Pentax 330GS uses exif version 0220 but populates less exif fields.

I found separate firm updates on the Pentax website for the 330 and the 330GS. I decided not to try flashing my camera with the 330 Ashanti firmware, since it might not have the desired effort rendering my camera useless.

Any ideas for other approaches to auto rotate JPEGs in a loss-less manner would be appreciated.

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  • January 6, 2004 at 3:14 am

    Wussy! ;-)
    Seriously, if the Ashanti firmware doesn’t “take”, can’t you just re-flash it back to the right Pentax variety?

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