3rd Game

We played our third basketball game last night against “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” We were winning at half time just like each of our previous games. I got a lot of wide open shots since they were double teaming Dishong. However, I failed to capitalize on most of them. Early in the 2nd half I got into foul trouble. We got behind early in the second half by quite a margin.

Hammer was subbing for us and hit 3 NBA length 3-pointers in a row to bring us back into the contest. We did a lot in the last nine seconds. I missed a free throw which would have been a great help. We were down by three with one second left. The ball was baseball passed into Dishong who shot a long 3-pointer. He was “brilliantly” fouled by the opposing team. The clock expired and Dishong went to the foul line. We needed him to make all three foul shots to survive. Unfortunately, he missed the first of the three. (However, he did make the next two.)