Bad Weather

Bad weather resulted in the cancelling of the Marathon League basketball games for tonight. I was looking forward to playing some basketball. Fortunately, my shiny new Dell arrived today ahead of schedule. I can’t wait to set it up tonight.

I needed a new computer since my 900Mhz Celeron (with a 133Mhz System Bus) drops lots of frames when capturing DV video. I assembled my last few computers from scratch (piece by piece). However, I rethought this approach since Dell is so heavily discounting their computers thru bargain websites like Tech Bargains and More Stuff 4 Less. (These are two great sites to add to your newsreader, however, I am not responsible for a resulting flow of tech toys to your door.)

I figured out that it was actually cheaper and easier for me to just order a pre-built Dell and move my DVD Burner over to it. This is a big upgrade to my collection of vintage Celerons and Pentium Pro workstations. My dual Pentium Pro 200Mhz workstation is 7 years old and chugging along. It is amazing how long a computer will run 24x7x365 and not fail.