Life Comes Full Circle

I skied a fun waterski tournament today at Barking Shores Ski Club in Haskins Ohio. My mind raced given that this was the first tournament I skied this year. I upped my tournament personal best to 2 @ 32′ off 34 MPH (and skied this score all three rounds). I really appreciated my parents and Brent coming out to support me.

Waterskiers are a great tribe. We wander the world looking for places to ski and strangers roll out the red carpet. I have skied at multiple private waterski lakes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana by reaching out to fellow skiers for a pull. The community is tight and fun loving always ready to share their sport with friends and strangers. I met a neighbor of Barking Shores Ski Club, Chuck Dunn after the tournament. He was one of the three founding members of the FNS (pronounced Fins) Navy Waterski Club on the Ottawa River in the late 1970’s. That club was later moved to the Maumee River and was renamed the Glass City Waterski Club. That was the club that gave me the opportunity and inspiration to try to ski the waterski course for the first time in the early 2000’s. My great friends at the Glass City Waterski Club taught me how to wakeboard, wakeskate, air chair, build a pyramid and trick ski.

Dave Hill was one of the few FNS Navy Waterski Club members that made the transition from the Ottawa River to the Maumee River. When Jason and I were frustrated with skiing the waterski course on the Maumee, Dave Hill gave Jason and I a heads up about a private lake that was rented in the past. With that tip, we found the owner, rented the lake and named it Lake Swerve. The waterski anchors were already in the lake just waiting for skiers to return hook up some buoys and turn them. Fast forward four years, I was skiing at Lago Santa Fe in Texas and I met one of the original skiers at Lake Swerve.

I skied with Dave Grude for the first time this year. He told me about when he contacted the owners about renting the lake (we now call Lake Swerve). The owner’s son, Dave prayed the night before that he would have the opportunity to learn how to waterski during his prayers before bed. Dave Grude showed up the next day to rent the lake for waterskiing. He skied many years on that lake before building his own private lake.

Waterskiing is a great sport, but the people and community are awesome too! Booyah!