Proper Equipment

I waterskied up on Round Lake this past Sunday and literally faced some hail during one of my slalom runs. I used my new 3mm SWS dry-suit along with some layering underneath. I must say that it kept me warm and comfortable with only slight moisture around the seals.

Last night, I waterskied on the Maumee River with all the amenities. Of course I wore my dry-suit and I used the hot shower to warm my ski bindings and gloves up to a toasty temperature before plunging into the icy water. This morning during the weather forecast I learned that the Toledo area set a new low temperature last night of 26 degrees. I guess my friends and I fall into the hard core waterskiing category. I question why I didn’t buy a dry-suit earlier.

I wore a Barefoot International dry-suit a couple weeks ago which kept me perfectly dry. However, the neck seal was too tight that I felt like I was in choke hold. The wrist and ankle seals were impressively tight and the result was almost a claustrophobic fit. The disadvantage of the Barefoot International dry-suit is lots of drag due to the baggy proportions which allow you to wear massive layering. Therefore, a Barefoot International dry-suit isn’t a good match for slalom skiing. But they are solid and indestructible for everything else. Just remember to belch the air out (on shore and in the water) otherwise you will look like an inflated puff ball!