Ski Course

Last night I started off skiing well, but was not connecting the buoys in the ski course. I concentrated on doing one handed turns and bringing the other hand into my side. My final run of the evening I completed the ski course twice (both times heading upstream) @15′ off at 30.4MPH behind Jason’s X7. It had been a few times out since I completed the ski course and it felt really good! :-)

2 thoughts on “Ski Course

  • August 20, 2004 at 5:17 am

    So where is the picture of 22 off behind the Toyota Epic 21? Great skiing Asa. Where is the picture of Doug at 30mph at ball 6 at 15 off? Oh thats right there is a slight problem with that picture!!!

  • August 20, 2004 at 3:05 pm

    I guess Doug’s only hope is an altered photo via Photoshop. *laughs*

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