My dad and I joined the UCOA shooting club last night. It was my first time shooting trap and my accuracy was shamefully harmless. Several of the q-tip sharp shooters gave me advice.

  • Acquire and shoot with both eyes open
  • Don’t try to aim, just look at the target
  • Don’t stop moving shotgun until after shot
  • Think that you are trying to wet moving ball with garden hose, pull trigger to release water
  • Keep hand on stock further out and point index finger at target
  • Keep left foot pointed forward and legs relaxed
  • Use improved modified choke for trap

Trap was more difficult than the hand thrown clay variety since the thrower is 16 yards in front of you (at the easiest level of play). We had a great time and shot three rounds. Next time, I play to give skeet a try. I am hooked!