Le Blanc

Saturday July 26th
We arrived at the Le Blanc and were greeted with cold scented towels,flowers for Mandy and fresh coconut milk. The lobby had a lavish scent, breathing in had the effect of relaxing your whole body.

During check in we were offered margaritas which we accepted. Our butler explained how everything worked in our amazing room. That evening we ate at the Blanc Italia. The meal started off with a collection of breads, water garnishes of cucumber, lemon or lime, and a welcome appetizer. The meal was superb. When we returned to our room they had relaxing music on, chocolate deserts ready to eat, slippers out next to bed,and our bed turned down with fresh chamomile pillows and bath robes hanging by the shower. Our room overlooked the lagoon and we enjoyed the sunset. Later we went had some drinks at the Blanc Stage and played foosball.

Sunday July 27th
I enjoyed the top notch BlackFitness facilities. I worked off several hundred calories in preparation for breakfast. At breakfast waiters carried our plates for us and we gave the special mixed fruit drink of the day a whirl. The breakfast buffet was amazing with lots of unique items to try. We went swimming and enjoyed the beach and of course some fu-fu drinks.

The pool helpers brought towels and made towel pillows on the beach chairs for us. They also bought a huge ice bucket filled with ice waters. Lunch was another amazing buffet. In the afternoon we went on the included jungle tour. We had our own individual speedboat and we followed the guide’s speedboat. We drove through marsh land into a channel and then into the Caribbean Sea. We went snorkeling on a reef and the sea life was amazing. The guide provided ice water and we returned via a longer path allowing for more enjoyment of the speedboat. I did a couple extra circles and the rest of the group followed me. The guide later laughed and asked me, “Did you enjoy doing circles?”

We returned to cold towels and the lavish scent of the Le Blanc. We had room service for dinner. The Mexican appetizers and the chocolate sponge cake were excellent.

We walked around outside until the mosquitoes had deterred us. I didn’t see the giant lizard since I had the camera ready this time. We ran into biologist Sue and she asked if we wanted to participate in turtle release. We each released three loggerhead sea turtles. As soon as the turtles hear the water they start running right into it. There was one turtle that was confused and kept running away from the water. Since flash photos were prohibited we didn’t take any photos. But on Flickr I found someone that blinded their sea turtles to get a good photo.

We went back inside, listened to the accomplished violinist and enjoyed some fresh coconut milk. Later we went to salsa lessons and had a blast. Note to self, take small steps and eliminate the bounce. When we returned to our room it was well attended too and some new chocolate treats awaited us.

Monday July 28th
I got up early and went to an individual yoga lesson inside the open air hut overlooking the lagoon. There were pleasant nature sounds and no mosquitoes. The yoga class lasted almost an hour and was demanding given my lack of flexibility. The instructor, Ricardo, did a great job and wished me a “happiful” day. Another amazing breakfast followed.

We went to Wet & Wild for the day. This water park was free since it was also owned by Palace Resorts. Drinks and food were included. I especially enjoyed the banana monkey mixed drink. Water parks are even more enjoyable through the lens of free alcoholic drinks! Strangely the tubes for the lazy river were not included for free, but it was still enjoyable to ride along on it and it was so much less crowded than in the states!

We returned to cold towels and the lavish scent of the Le Blanc. The Blanc Orient restaurant had slow service and they were out of most of the sushi on their menu. The ahi tuna appetizer was delicious and very generous. Later we went had some drinks at the Blanc Stage and played more foosball.
Tuesday July 29th
Breakfast was delivered on time, hot and delicious. I saved some of the massive amount of toast for feeding the fish in the lagoon. We went to Tulum, a walled Mayan port city with beautiful beach. The beachhead was protected by reef except for a 120′ opening for commerce. Recent hurricanes didn’t damage Tulum since buildings have no 90 degree angles, allowing wind to pass. Perhaps, New Orleans should take note? Hurricanes wash artifacts up on beach and they prove the citizens participated in long distance commerce since the closest turquoise is found in New Mexico and Arizona.

Mayans used lime to pave roads. Lime is a natural pesticide and this allowed for nighttime commerce since all freight was carried on backs of the people. Remember that horses were not available. Mayan buildings were made of stone that absorbed the energy of the sun and became golden. When Cortez saw the city he wrote it was made of gold. Coco beans were used as the local currency, hence the saying, money growing on trees.

That afternoon we went to the Xpu Ha resort for a cattle call lunch buffet with poor service. There were kids everywhere which was much less relaxing than the adult only Le Blanc. We went snorkeling and saw a barracuda and a few other fish. We enjoyed the beach even though it was very rocky. The Xpu Ha nature preserve had deer, turtles, crocodiles, monkeys and catamidi.

We returned to cold towels and the lavish scent of the Le Blanc. We had a seven course dinner on the Blanc Terrance overlooking the beach. There was a nice breeze and the main course was a steak stuffed with lobster. Each course was matched with a nicely selected wine. Later we had some drinks at the Blanc Stage and enjoyed the end of the magical show. After dinner we ran into our friends from California at the lobby bar. We did a tequila tour: Tres Generations, Don Julio, Don T., 1921, etc.

Wednesday July 30th
Breakfast was delivered on time, hot and delicious. We took a bus to Paradise Snorkeling at the El Dorado Maroma. The atmosphere reminded us of the El Dorado Seaside Suites we visited last year. We rode a catamaran sailboat out to the Palencar reef to snorkel on the 2nd largest reef in the world. The guides fed the fish and we saw lots of topical fish. Mandy saw a large sting ray. We did the optional Jet Ski excursion for $91 per person. We Jet Skied to a cenote that terminated in the sea. Fish gathered to eat at the cenote and the water was noticeably cooler as fresh water was entering into the sea from it. The Jet Ski was fun in the rough and windy conditions but I definitely would not want to own one. There were no mishaps but we did get air a couple of times and Mandy nearly flew off.

The Mexican lunch buffet was tasty and the service was much better than at the Xpu Ha buffet. We were serenaded by Mexican hat performers.

We returned to cold towels and the lavish scent of the Le Blanc. We had dinner at the Blanc International restaurant. We stopped at the hotel lobby bar and talked with some honeymooners. We tried Casadores tequila and rumor has it that our friends drank the Le Blanc out of it. We learned that King Bush II vacationed at the Le Blanc a couple years back. We returned to our room to find delicious chocolates with fresh fruit.

Thursday July 31st
I started the day by worked off 550 calories. We went to breakfast at the Blanc International. The scrupulous food sculptures were amazing.
We enjoyed the pool and ordered a tasty nachos platter. We did the jungle tour again in the afternoon. There were a lot less people and we saw an amazing amount of fish we never saw before while snorkeling. Mandy drove the speedboat well. Another couple crashed their boat several times into the shoreline and broke off the rear wing.

We returned to cold towels and the lavish scent of the Le Blanc. We relaxed around the pool and enjoyed margaritas made with Don Julio. We had dinner at the Blanc Italia where they made us a surprise second anniversary dessert and then we enjoyed the fire show. I captured this impressive show on video. We stopped at the lobby bar for some lemon drop shots and I enjoyed a Drambuie on the rocks. Bar was still out of Casadores tequila… Later we had some drinks at the Blanc Stage and played more foosball.

We upgraded our pillows to rose and lavender aromatherapy ones.
Friday August 1st
I started the day by worked off 175 calories. We both got up early and enjoyed a personal yoga session with Ricardo inside the open air hut overlooking the lagoon.

Mandy saw a crocodile in the lagoon. We had a refreshing breakfast at the Blanc Terrance. The Mexican breakfast was stout! We relaxed at the pool and enjoyed the nacho platter. We had a light lunch at the Blanc International.

We arrived one hour early at the spa to prepare for our couple massage. Preparation entailed shower, sauna (10 minutes), cool towel, steam room (10 minutes), cool towel, shower, foot massage hot tub, full body hot tub, pool of cool water (3 minutes). The 80 minute full body aromatherapy massage was amazing. The pressure points on my head and hot rocks on my back and hands were my favorite parts. I think Mandy picked natural rose oils for us. We were served hot tea afterward and my body felt so relaxed and like new. We sat in the relaxing area at the spa for a long time.

We had a seven course dinner on the Blanc Terrance overlooking the beach. Later we had drinks at the Blanc Stage and enjoyed the jazz band and played some pool.
Saturday August 2nd
I started the day by worked off 120 calories prior to yoga. We both got up early and enjoyed a personal yoga session with Ricardo inside the open air hut overlooking the lagoon. We had breakfast at the Blanc International and ended with a selection of delicious ice creams. We feed the fish in the lagoon with all the extra bread I saved. We saw several neat jelly fish.

We swam in the lagoon swimming pool and talked about the Nephilim and Dec 21st, 2012 with Susan See from Arkansas. Robert and Susan own a fish market and were treated to the Le Blanc by a vendor. They were part of a huge group! By the way, I am not into end of world theories, but we had an interesting conversation.

Mandy and I swam in the ocean and enjoyed the infinity pool one last time. We ordered lunch pool side. We even had box dinners packed to eat at the airport while we were waiting for our flight. Yummy!

We had a direct flight to Detroit and avoided going through customs at a connection airport and the whole madness of retrieving our luggage, repacking duty free items, going through passport controller, customs and security again! We arrived late into Detroit and with no other international flights landing passed through quickly.