AutoHotkey is a handy tool to automate keystrokes and mouse clicks. I have been using it for several months to reduce unproductive movements off the keyboard to the mouse. I think of AutoHotkey as wrapping Windows with the key binding customizations possible within Emacs without resorting to writing Emacs Lisp. AutoHotkey is incredibly powerful but can be difficult to manage over several computers.

I decided to use Dropbox to keep my AutoHotkey configuration synchronized across computers. It works great and I documented the setup below.

1) Install AutoHotkey to a windows machine using Dropbox path/apps
2) Create AutoHotkey.ahk within Dropbox path
3) Delete AutoHotkey.exe from All Programs > Startup
4) Create a shortcut to “Dropbox path\apps\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe” “Dropbox path\AutoHotkey.ahk”
5) Install new shortcut to All Programs > Startup to trigger AutoHotkey program and configuration stored in Dropbox to launch upon computer boot up
6) To install upon additional machines just perform steps 4 and 5