Bill Gates almost lights my living room up

I returned last night from a long week of work on the road. I flipped through my mail and was excited to see that the next DVD in 4400 series arrived from Netflix. (I highly recommend the 4400 series.) I popped the DVD in my XBox and dropped into my leather couch for a little relaxation. About 15 minutes into it I was sufficiently relaxed and hooked into the story line, then the picture started dropping frames and audio choking. Before I decided whether to get up and try to clean the disc or stay put and see how much of the disc was affected smoke started bellowing out of the XBox.

All the fire safety training I got at work kicked in and I had the XBox disconnected and sitting on the stone steps in front of my house in seconds. (It only takes about 2 minutes for a home to be totally in flames.) So much for a nice relaxing evening.

I did a little research and it appears that the XBox’s power cord could be a fire hazard. Microsoft is offering free replacement cords for affected XBoxes and the online check recognized my XBox as needing a new cord. Now I have to wait several weeks to play DVDs and XBox games on my TV. Microsoft claims only 1 in 10,000 experience this failure. What are the odds when I sit down to relax after a long week of work? I was working with MTBFs and such all week, I guess I can attribute this to Murphy’s law.