Exciting Discovery

Lets rewind a second and reminisce how I acquired schemer.com. My friend, Josh Woodward recommended that I use schemer.com for my personal website. He thought it was perfect as I am always scheming. I liked the name and purchased it. I used it as my personal website for several years.

I had several parties that contacted me with offers to purchase schemer.com over the last few years. I didn’t seriously consider selling the domain name at first but eventually I received offers that were large enough for me to think about it. I was not trying to sell schemer.com but at the same time I knew I wasn’t using it to its full potential. I never really branded my website as schemer and I didn’t even rank in Google for the word schemer.

I negotiated with Jonathan Nelson (co-founder of Meevine) but we weren’t able to come to a price point that his start-up could afford and I would be happy with. He had a good idea for the domain but I wasn’t looking for a tidy sum of cash plus potential value via equity in his company. He wasn’t interested in renting the domain name from me. I wanted enough to walk away or a nice steady stream of income over time. Another serious suitor came along. I had no idea who the company was but their offer revealed they had much deeper pockets. We haggled for a few weeks and reached an agreement. The deal was handled seamlessly via an escrow service. When the money appeared in my bank account it all felt unbelievable.

It has been a few months since the sale and it wasn’t until today that I learned the identify of who bought schemer.com. Drum roll please!!!   It was… Google, which was the last company that I would have expected.  I guess I should have also negotiated for a 100 shares of Google stock.  ;-)


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