Networking Essentials Presentation

I gave a presentation covering computer networking basics as well as network security last night at MAP’s IT Explorer Post. I think the high school students enjoyed it and learned a few things. They should be able to install and configure a firewall, cleanup spyware (or adware), and limit their incoming SPAM. I specifically covered Zone Alarm Basic (which is a free personal firewall), Ad-ware (which is a free spyware eliminator, and SPAM Assassin (which is a free piece of software that filters e-mail).

I was surprised how tech savvy the high school kids were: 4 or 5 had built their own networks (which included running CAT5 cable through their walls), 2 or 3 have used Linux, 2 or 3 built their own computers. With this level of tech knowledge, I am confident that our future workforce is going to be able to leverage IT in bigger and better ways.

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  • January 10, 2004 at 2:45 pm

    It is where Scouts learn more about a particular profession and its topic areas. The IT Explorer Post is just one example, there are Engineering and Marketing Explorer Posts also hosted by MAP ( There are even aviation IT Explorer Posts where Scouts learn more about flight. Many corporations sponsor these sorts of groups and it is a great way for kids to figure out what they like and learn some neat stuff.

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