The Monk and The Riddle

I travelled to Roanoke Virginia this week for work. I read The Monk and the Riddle while waiting in the airport and during the flights. I enjoyed this book and it challenged me to think about work / life issues. The central theme is the issue of the Deferred Life Plan versus the Full Life Plan. In the form of a question, the central theme would be: are you doing what you truly want to do? Or, are you deferring what you truly want to be doing?

Many people defer what they truly want to do and assume they will have time to complete those items in the future. Unfortunately, we can’t assume we will ever have the time to accomplish them later. The morale of the story is, don’t let life pass you by, do what you truly want to and enjoy the journey. This book is framed in terms of Randy Komisar’s experiences in Silicon Valley. Therefore, it is even easier to recommend it to my friends that work in the technology sector.