Using Migratr to download Flickr photos and video

I found a much better way to Back Up Flickr Photos, Videos & Associated MetaData. I no longer use Migratr which is described below.

The Migratr application does a nice job of backing up Flickr photos. I was checking my backups and I discovered that Migratr downloaded all my movie files with a .jpg file extension on them. I read the Flickr help on downloading videos:

You can only download original versions of your videos . To download a video click “embed” above the video and you will see a download link near the bottom of the page. Others may embed your video in other web pages, provided they have permission, but can’t “download” them.

I discovered that my videos were really mov files. I renamed the video files with a .mov extension and they play perfectly. I am posting this solution in case anyone else runs into the same issue. All my original video files stored on Flickr were mov files, this is the format my digital camera originally captured the videos in. Just use the Flickr help above to download one video file manually, check the extension and then you will know how to rename your file to play the video successfully.

One item to note is if you rename the file Migratr will download it again with a .jpg extension. I just rename the extension when I want to play a particular video file.