Web Hosting

I have always used *.phtml file extensions for my php web applications. Today, my web hosting provider decided to no longer grant Apache execute permissions for web files ending in phtml. Consequently, all my websites were down while I investigated and determined this was the issue. To correct this problem I renamed all my *.phtml files to *.php following the steps below.

1) Backup everything.
2) Find extent of problem:
find -name *.php
3) Change *.phtml files to become *.php files within the current directory
for f in *.phtml; do mv ./”$f” “${f%phtml}php”; done
*I didn’t trust my ability to do this globally.
4) Fix links in files
for arg in `find www/ -name “*.php”`; do perl -pi -e ‘s/phtml/php/g’ $arg; done;
for arg in `find www/ -name “*.php3″`; do perl -pi -e ‘s/phtml/php/g’ $arg; done;
*I have some legacy *.php3 files. I probably should clean this up.
5) Change *.phtml references in db to *.php
I think I only needed to update meta_page table
Please let me know if you notice anything that is still broken.