XBox 360 / NetFlix

The recent XBox 360 update drastically improved the on demand Netflix experience. You can now modify your instant play queue directly from the XBox itself. The Netflix user experience on the XBox is simple and user friendly although not as comprehensive as the website experience.

You can browse the top 50 films in a variety of categories. A couple of the categories are driven by movies you previously enjoyed and additional movies like that particular movie are listed. Kudos go to the Netflix team for a great job making Netflix even better. One additional feature I would like in the future would be the ability to search by title name or browse alphabetically. I am glad Netflix isn’t a bloated hard to use product and I realize each feature has trade offs in terms of ease of use and simplicity. I trust the Netflix team to continue improving the movie experience without over complicating the user interface.
I heard that in November Netflix will offer HD streaming of 300 movies and TV shows further improving their stellar platform. I just need to upgrade to a HDTV.