Houston Rodeo and Steve Miller Band

Nick and I checked out the Houston Rodeo last night. It was definitely the most entertaining rodeo I have ever been too. I guess the saying that everything is bigger and better in Texas holds true. The rodeo events were right after one another and involved very little dead time.

Each night of the Houston Rodeo has a major performer to close the evening (at the Reliant Center). We had the privilege of seeing the Steve Miller Band perform. It was a great show and we were struck by how professional Steve Miller looked. He was clean cut, dressed in a sports coat, and definitely didn’t have the washed out drug look so prevalent in musicians of his era. He could have walked into any building in Houston and fit right in.

Steve Miller and his band had engaging stage presence, solid chops, and delivered all their great songs. After finishing up their set with “The Joker”, fireworks were launched to finish the evening with an exclamation point.